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Resource Date: 1833

Number: 15

Record Office: Suffolk Record Office

Record Office Location Number: HA93/15/70 (877/87/16)


Letter to Thomas Clarkson from inhabitants of Ipswich, c1833.

 Notes: Letter congratulating Thomas Clarkson on the ending of slavery in British colonies from well-wishers & friends; refers to the fact that Thomas Clarkson had to publicly vindicate his own character & their conviction that he succeeded. 

Letter to Thomas Clarkson (congratulating him on the passing of the 1833 act)

To Thomas Clarkson Esq. Playford Hall, Suffolk Sir, We, the undersigned, Inhabitants of Ipswich and its vicinity, beg to offer you our cordial congratulations on the auspicious termination of Slavery in the British Colonies. In looking back to a period when you so nobly stood forward as a public Advocate for the abolition of that nefarious traffic, called the Slave Trade, we feel that it is not in our power to estimate the difficulties with which you had to contend, or properly to appreciate the courage and indefatigable perseverance by which they were finally overcome. You, sir, and your zealous coadjutors, could not have anticipated, that a long and anxious struggle of thirty years was to be maintained, before Slavery would be extirpated from the British Colonies. To trace the various steps by which this triumph of Justice has been accomplished is foreign to the purpose of this Address. At the same time we cannot permit the consummation of your hopes to pass by, without conveying to you our grateful remembrance of the early and constant devotedness of your time, & your talents to this great object; whether in sickness or in health, in domestic happiness or weeping over bitter bereavements you have ever been mindful of the sacred cause of the Negroes' freedom. We lament that this happy termination of your labours, occurring in the decline of so useful & honorable a life, should have been embittered by the painful necessity of publicly vindicating your own character. With every desire to award the full share of merit due to your most valuable and indispensable Coadjutors in this great cause of humanity, we feel it our duty to convey to you the expression of our conviction, that you have triumphantly refuted the aspersions so unworthily insinuated against you. And now, sir, earnestly desiring that the Giver of all Good, who alone can prosper our efforts, to "loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, & let the oppressed go free," may protect & preserve you in health & peace, we remain with great respect & esteem Your sincere well wishers & friends.
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