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Resource Date: 1846

Number: 21

Record Office: Suffolk Record Office

Record Office Location Number: HD827/1/1/3/7/2

Letter to R.D. Alexander Esq. from W. W. Dickinson, Playford Hall, Sep 26, 1846, announcing Clarkson's death.

Letter to R.D. Alexander (announcing the death of Thomas Clarkson)

Playford Sep 26, 1846 My dear Sir It pleased God to remove Mr Clarkson this morning in the presence of his family at about 3 1/4. On Thursday evening he subsided into sleep or unconsciousness, from which he did not rouse, not having stirred meanwhile, till towards yesterday evening. He became quite conscious,& called upon his attendants by name; he was not able to articulate the wishes he felt for little things to be done for him, nor did he receive or enjoy what he might have wished to be done. In as much as he had become quite feeble & exhausted. I fear from his movement, he may have suffered. 10 minutes before his departure he became quite calm, & now he looks a happy corpse. Truly a mighty man in his day & generation has fallen, but God depends not on one arm to work his will nor yet on any if he wills, for "for there were more who fell by hailstones than they whom children of Israel slew with sword " May God however constrain us to use our talents one or many; more work would be done well [?] more will to do it. Mrs Clarkson tolerably composed. My wife worn. I remain Yours very faithfully Willoughby W Dickinson RD Alexander Esq. .
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