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Resource Date: 1820

Number: 26

Record Office: Suffolk Record Office

Record Office Location Number: HD494/183 [181-192]


Letter from Thomas Clarkson to Arthur Biddell: London 20 June 1820.

Notes: Shows Clarkson's links to Haiti. The letter refers to a reception given to young friends at "Hayti", 2 schoolmasters at Hayti for 5 years have got permission from the King to come to England and Clarkson means to invite them to Playford Hall.

Letter from Thomas Clarkson (about visitors from Haiti)

[Recd. dispatches from King of Hayti] 28 London June 20 - 1820 Dear Sir! As you wrote to me in your last as if some Doubt remained relative to Mr Carss occupying Rushmere, I take up my Pen to set that Matter at rest, as far as I can - Lord Bristol told me, that Mr Hall had received an answer from Mr Carss, giving up the Estate at Rushmere. Mr Hall communicated this to Lord Bristol, as Mr Carss final Answer - The Day before I left Paris, I called upon his Lordship to take my Leave of him. It was this Day fortnight. He then told me that the Matter was finally settled for since Mr Hall's Letter, he had received one from Mr Carss himself, giving up Rushmere, and preserving Welnetham - A Letter was then written to Mr Robert Buck telling him how much of Mr Carss Land was originally designed for him, and begging him to give up some little matter of that Portion to Mr Carss to make his occupation larger. I conceive the Matter to have this been settled and I believe it, for I acted upon Lord Bristols word in giving Mr Bavey the Offer - after two Refusals of Rushmere, 1st to Mr Hall, and 2. to Lord Bristol himself under his own Hand, it would be difficult either for Mr Carss or for Lord Bristol to make an alteration; and, if such an alteration were to take place, Welnetham would be offered, I conceive, either to Mr Manning or to Mr Barry. If Manning were not to accept it, I think Mr Barry would have the Offer, and, if he did accept it, then Mr Barry would be, where it is intended he should go - We propose, if nothing very unexpected or very important should occur, to take our Places for Ipswich tomorrow (Wednesday) week - we foresee nothing of this Sort, and indeed mean to oppose everything that may have a tendency to postpone our Stay in London, even a single Day. Indeed after consulting Mrs Clarkson tomorrow we shall take our Places. I am gratified by your mention of the kind Reception given to our young friends at Hayti. I have received dispatches from the King, but have not read them. Two young Men, Messrs Gulliver & Daniel, Schoolmasters on Hayti for 5 years, have received Permission from the King to come to England for a few months to see their Relations, and to establish their Health. They will return in November or December. I have not yet seen them, but mean to invite them to Playford Hall - I presume they saw Clarke & Wilson before their Departure , for I think the King would not have dispensed with their absence but upon the arrival two Persons qualified to take their Places - any Letter to me in London must be directed to me at John Buck Esq, 18 South Street Finsbury Square, if written after Sunday or Saturday next My kind remembrance to Mrs Biddell Yours, dear Sir Thomas Clarkson
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