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The Clarkson Project (2005 - 2007):

This project was funded by MLA East of England. The project team consisted of Lesley Walker, Heritage Learning Consultant and Dale Banham, Humanities Adviser, Suffolk County Council in consultation with Del White, NIA Project, Ipswich. MLA would like to thank St John's College Library, Cambridge, Suffolk Record Office, Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies who contributed and digitised the documents, Andrew Wren, Cambridgeshire Advisory Service for piloting material with Cambridgeshire schools and Andy Prestoe, Gill Packard, Leah Towlson, Hannah Byrne and Jenni Karaalp, teachers in Suffolk schools, who developed and piloted schemes of work based on the documents and on the life and work of Thomas Clarkson and other abolitionists.

Supplementary work: 

E2BN would like to thank Gooii limited for their work on the development of 'Museum box' and Brendan Routledge for his work in devising lesson ideas using the tool; the Wisbech and Fenland Museum for use of their resources and Joanna Clark at the Library of the Religious Society of Friends for her kind help, resources and information. We would like to thank Penny Johnson for checking the site content; Jeff Howson for checking picture copyright and acquiring resources and Asif Khan for checking the appropriateness of the language, for the links provided and general advice. We would also like to thank all the other schools and teachers throughout the E2BN region that have contributed material and ideas.


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