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Resource Date: 1797

Number: 24

Record Office: Suffolk Record Office

Record Office Location Number: HD827/1/1/4/2/8 (4747/377)


The Sorrows of Yamba or the Negro Woman's Lamentation n.d. Printed pamphlet sold by J. Marshall printer to the Cheap Repository for Religious & Moral Tracts n.d. 12pp.

Notes: Excellent as an example of an Anti-slavery poem and the printed material circulated to inform people about the horrors of slavery and the salvation of Christianity by the abolitionists. The poem is in the form of a lament about a Negro Woman's experience of being separated from her child, her slave voyage and final salvation.

The Sorrows of Yamba (poem by Hannah More)

Source Files:
Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich
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Pamphlet p2-3
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Pamphlet p4-5
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Pamphlet p6-7
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Pamphlet p8-9
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Pamphlet p10-11
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Pamphlet p12
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