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Resource Date: 1820

Number: 37

Record Office: The Library of the Religious Society of Friends

Record Office Location Number: 421


Pale blue silk handbag with silver clasp made in support of the anti-slavery movement, date c.1820
Donated by Elizabeth Fox Howard in 1915. Originally belonged to the donor's grandmother, Rebecca Fox of Tottenham. Screen printed: on one side with a picture of a mother with a baby on her lap.

Height 21 cm,  Width (at bottom) 20.3 cm, Width at clasp 14 cm (5½ inches). (Now on loan and displayed at the Museum in Docklands, London, in their 'London, Sugar and Slavery' gallery).

Artifact: silk handbag, from the 1820s made to support the anti-slavery movement


Text on reverse side reads:

Negro Woman who sittest pining in
captivity and weepest over thy sick
child though no one seeth thee.
God seeth thee though no one pitieth thee.
God pitieth thee; raise thy voice forlorn
and abandoned one; call upon him
from amidst thy bonds for assuredly
He will hear thee.

Source Files:
With kind permission of 'The Library of the Religious Society of Friends'.
Front side
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Reverse side
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