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Resource Date: 1790

Number: 4

Record Office: St John's College Library, Cambridge

Record Office Location Number: Folder 1 Doc 7


Draft article/ letter from Thomas Clarkson, in response to Mons. Mosneron de l'Auny 1790.

Notes: The letter counters claims that slavery is right, because it has always existed in Africa, and there are few commercial alternatives. It shows how Clarkson used evidence and his knowledge to refute the supporters of the trade.

Draft letter/article from Thomas Clarkson (countering claims that slavery is right)

Messieurs! In the Supplement to your Journal of the 24 of January 1790 I find a Letter written by Monsr. Mosneron de l'Auny, which I should have thought Myself at Liberty to answer were it only to guard the Publick against the erroneous Statements as well as Conclusions it contains, but as I am publickly mentioned in that letter without any previous Provocation on my Part, I have no doubt that you will think Me fully authorized to answer him, and that you will have the Goodness to receive my letter. Mr. Mosneron de l'Auny has asserted that fourteen Examinations at the Bar of the English House of Commons, taken from Persons who have resided in Africa, prove three things, 1. "that Slavery has existed there at all Times; 2. that the Natives make often human Sacrifice; 3. that that vast...
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