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Resource Date: 1783

Number: 40

Record Office: Wisbech and Fenland Museum

Record Office Location Number:


Egboyoung Effeong of Calibar's letter to Liverpool Merchants, outlining good he wants in trade.


Letter from Egboyoung Effeong (African ruler) outlining the goods he wants in trade


Dear Gentlemen

Sir, Captain John Burrow arrived at this river on the fourth day of May with a very fine cargo, only we want more iron bar and romalies and powder and ordinance and shot as them be finest thing for our trade as we will sent Captain Burrow away 450 or 460 slaves after October. I hope his ships carry 450 or 460 slaves and I hope he will send by tender 340 or 330 slaves. I think so, as you may, get the cargo ready before he come home. I don't keep him long and I think he'll get to Liverpool 15 or 20 day March Mind send very little salt and mugs as you may. Send round white and round green and round yellow bead for money, salt and mugs. I wish no more war for England.

I am your dear

Egboyoung Effeong

Old Calibar, July 23rd 1783

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With kind permission of the Wisbech and Fenland Museum

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